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Do you ever find yourself lacking space for things? Sometimes a dining table is just out of the question in a smaller room. Or maybe you’d like a more casual dining area such as this little nook that folds up and away onto the wall. It creates a space for one to eat casually. We think you could definitely bring another chair over for a table for two. But this design works great for limited areas. What do you think?



Indiscreet Toiletry Bags by Etsy Seller dreadfulgirl. Just saw one of these bags on FB with no source. This is how easy it is to find the original source. Her store is on vacation right now but you can see more of her pouches and tissue holders (ones I couldn’t post) at Wanelo here. Because as dreadfulgirl writes:

Most feminine product cozies have pretty flowers on them. Not ours! Why be discreet? Maybe if everybody knows you’re on your period, they’ll leave you the f**k alone!

diychristmascrafts: Do you have a difficult to shop for teenager? Or a friend with a good sense of humor? #perfectgift

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